Ahhh... good slaw!

This site is dedicated to people who love coleslaw and want to see it's stature in the world of food elevated.  It is also a site for those who are NOT fans of coleslaw - we hear you and that is also why we do what we do - you deserve better.  With a little effort on all of our part we can and will improve coleslaw experiences.

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Are we crazy?


Probably.  But haven't you ever wanted to improve something that you knew could be better?  We did.  And this is our effort to improve one thing in life - coleslaw as served to us at restaurants, pubs, and out and about at supermarkets.  There are many causes to get behind in life.  This may seem silly, and guess what?  It is.  But honestly, it aggravates us to see good eating experiences be marginalized by lazy coleslaw preparation. Coleslaw's time has come.  Behold the mighty effort to wake up the lazy chefs in the food world!


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