Our Vision

It is our distinct goal to improve the coleslaw eating experience as a whole.  Far too long coleslaw has been relegated to the backseat of side-dishes.  We believe coleslaw has the ability to enhance dishes.  Far too often we can see minimal effort by the chef in preparing coleslaw resulting in a sub-standard side-dish and lowering of the overall dining experience.  We aim to fix that.  If we all review coleslaw and publish the results the chefs will take notice.  No chef or restaurant wants to be known for bad food.  We have developed a six-part criteria list to help all of us focus on the vital components to good coleslaw.  While each individual review is subjective, the overall roll-up of all reviews help restaurants and chefs worldwide learn the opinions expressed about their coleslaw.  This is more fun than fireworks...

Our Story

Well, Lisa and I go to our share of restaurants and pubs.  We found ourselves ordering coleslaw with our meals instead of french fries.  Mind you, we have nothing specifically against french fries, they're good. Sometimes you just have a hankering for some slaw.  So, I turned to Lisa one night and I said "you know what... I'm going to start a website for reviewing coleslaw".  Lisa didn't really react, it was almost like she was ignoring me.  But I was quite serious.  That night we banged out the Facebook page sort of as a joke:

We invited some of our friends and family to the page and we got about 20 likes and we figured that was that.  Nope.  One of our friends told her son about it. Her son posted an article about the site on Reddit.  Bang.. we got about 7,000 likes in about a week.  We're well beyond 10,000 likes now and the journey has been fun!

Meet the Team

Yes, we started this thing but our dream is for thousands of you to become Coleslaw reviewers.

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Founder & Coleslaw lover!

Lisa works in the medical field.  She party's like a rock-star, has impeccable finger nails, and is a fantastic cook!  Oh yeah, she likes to go boating & fishing too which is sweet!



Founder & lover of all thing's Coleslaw

Ed works in the high-tech industry.  He loves rock concerts (Daft Punk and the Foo Fighters), movies that freak Lisa out, and boating/fishing too!

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